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Pettit Racing Light Cromoly Flywheel - Bespoke Performance Parts

Pettit Racing

Pettit Racing Light Cromoly Flywheel

A light flywheel is one of the best simple performance mods you can make to an NA RX8. The rotary engine makes its top power at the top of the rev range. The faster you get to the top of the rev range the faster you get to your power. And that’s where a light flywheel shines!

Bogging down on standing launches? Well a light flywheel should cure those problems too. The standard flywheel is nearly 17 pounds, whereas the new Pettit Cromoly flywheel is a shade over 11 (at 11.33 pounds, slightly lighter than the Racing Beat, and also stronger than aluminium as well).
The Pettit Cromoly flywheel comes complete with the required counterweight. A simple mod that makes a surprisingly big difference. Combine it with the Pettit ANP “All Natural Power” package for the ultimate NA RX8 performance pack.

Driveline install tip: If your clutch is worn, why not add a flywheel at the same time, as the labour cost will be minimal as they located in the same housing. OR if you are putting in a new flywheel why not upgrade your clutch while the work is being done?
NB. A light-flywheel will only mate to a 230 model clutch assembly. Therefore to fit a flywheel to a 192 model RX8, clutch modifications will also be necessary.

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