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Pettit Racing

Pettit Racing Silicon Hose Kits

Pettit Racing put as much stock in keeping your rotary rocket running smooth and hard for longer, as they do in making it go faster. Their extensive range of specialist parts will keep your car running in perfect condition.

These hose kits are made specific to their applications, and no cutting or measuring is needed. Our silicon hose kits for the RX7 and RX8 will help keep your car cool, and reliable, avoiding cracked pipes, and other issues old and dry hoses can cause.

Available kits:
Pettit Racing RX8 Radiator Hose Kit
Pettit Racing RX7 Radiator Hose Kit
Pettit Racing RX7 Boost Hose Kit

Pettit Racing Silicone Hose Kits provide a simple, reliable and, effective way to upgrade your old OEM hoses which commonly deteriorate and fail. These direct replacement silicone hoses are designed to exceed the extreme need of your rotary powered vehicle. Our kits are sold in black because the coloured hoses are nearly impossible to keep clean and here at Pettit we like to keep it simple. Speed and Beauty!

All Pettit Silicone Hose Kits come with SS hose clamps for easy installation.

Reduce risk of old hoses failing and causing damage to your car
Improve flow of coolant or air
Improves reliability.
NB - Not compatable with 2009 R3 RX8s

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