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About Us

Bespoke Performance is based around a small team with a long history in the motor trade. Not only that but we are enthusiasts who specialise in marques and brands that we know and love. 

We try not  to offer a choice of everything, rather we carefully select brands and products we use ourselves, and we won't sell things we wouldn't buy and use ourselves, and we won't advise you to buy things we don't think your car needs. We know everyone's pound is precious so we want to help you target yours best

We are the home base of legendary Mazda rotary specialist Pettit Racing in Europe & the UK, as well as the home of Axial Flow Engineering and KMR / Built2Apex in Europe and we focus on cars with enthusiastic owners and great performance. A lot of the time we find the cars have great owners and enthusiastic performance too! While we love the rotary engine, we also love the V8, and pretty much everything petrol! (OK not so much diesel!)

Whether its some friendly advice, a full race prepped car, or forced induction setup, or just some initial upgrades for your new car then USE OUR CONTACT PAGE to get in touch. We are called Bespoke Performance because we try and do what you, our customers want.

We're proud of our name and our service, and as 'Bespoke' signifies, if its not on the website, it doesnt matter. Just ask us, and we will be happy to provide a bespoke service to satisfy your requirements.
We can help you with any car, and with the many super high performance and rare cars we deal with, we are sure we can make you happy.

Not only that but as dealers for many top brands, such as Eibach, OZ Racing, Milltek, Mosselman Turbo, SuperPro, Drift, HKS, Steeda etc we have access to their full ranges, while our site only caters for the marques we specialise in. Call or CONTACT US to let us know what you need.

Bespoke Performance is an online supplier of parts and advice, but we have a wide variety of performance shops we work with who we can put you in touch with to arrange fitting your upgrades, depending on where you are in the UK. We also ship worldwide, so just let us know what you need!