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Pettit Racing

Pettit Racing RX8 Modular Exhaust System


Pettit Racing have developed the ultimate RX8 exhaust system in a full modular format for optimal performance and flexibility.

Developed from a high flow, high quality 'ultra tuner' HJS 200 CEL cat, with resonator, and replaceable cat section, to a full 3 inch dual rear box cat back system, with huge 4 inch tips shaped to match the curves of the rear of the RX8s valances, and with air cooled tips to help protect the valances, this is a beautiful and high quality system. Decat options include a straight through race-pipe (i.e single resonated) or a "track-day" decat (dual resonated)

Saving 7 KG over the OEM system if the whole system is used (more if decat), it also helps reduce backpressure and release a sportier tone, while keeping cabin noise under control to avoid irritation while cruising. (Cat section 5KG lighter than stock, catback 2KG lighter than stock)

Not only that but you can buy the COMPLETE modular system from the hi flow cat through to the tips, for less than an OEM Mazda catalytic converter. I know which one I would buy!

The Pettit Racing system is designed for series 1 RX8s and series 2. R3 Models.

*Also note the resonated hi flow cat and race-pipe are designed for use solely with our Pettit catback, using our flange-less slip joint to further reduce weight and exhaust restrictions.

The double resonated "track-day" decat is for those who like track days and don't want to worry about noise restrictions. It takes the standard single resonator of our system, and adds and extra resonator instead of the straight through cat delete race pipe. Tested at 88dB drive by at 20M at Blyton Park driving centre. NB- Only works with Pettit catback. NO noise level guarantees.

See an information video here: 

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